CE marking on electrical and electronic devices for importing from China in 2024


When it is necessary to import products from China, with the aim of reselling them, it is necessary to check if the CE marking is needed in order to be able to market them in Europe. This is a fundamental step to be able to proceed with the purchase of the goods and its importance is often underestimated.

The CE is mandatory for all electrical and electronic devices, it must be carried out by the manufacturer, his authorized representative or the importer (if he resides in Europe). The person who carries out the marking declares, through the declaration of conformity, that his product complies with the health and safety requirements provided for by the relevant regulations.

The CE mark represents the safety of the product to the consumer, compliant with European directives and standards and avoids problems with the authorities and law enforcement agencies in case of control. At the end of the CE marking process, it is possible to issue the Declaration of Conformity.

It should be added that if the goods are purchased for personal use, if the buyer is a private individual, no certification on electronic and electrical products is mandatory. This is allowed because the importer will be the final consumer at his own risk.

The directives to respect for CE marking on electronic devices

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The most important step of CE marking is determining which directives the product must comply with. There are several regulations that apply to electronic products. These directives establish the requirements required to demonstrate compliance. If a product passes all the required tests, it means that this product meets the requirements of the directive.

The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) takes into consideration products powered from 50V to 1,000V in alternating current (AC) and from 75V to 1,500V in direct current (DC). Do not confuse the low voltage with the very low voltage, that is the one below the limits just mentioned. You can consult the entire directive by clicking here.

This legislation excludes the need for intervention by a notified body, i.e. the need to request certificates specifically issued by these bodies only for having asked them for a product registration. In addition, Europe has removed the obligation to notify all entities that were previously officially recognized.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) indicates the ability of a device to operate in the presence or connected to other equipment, without damaging the connected devices or causing disturbance during operation. You can consult the entire directive by clicking here.

It should be considered that electromagnetic waves are always and everywhere. The field of application of this directive provides for the mandatory CE marking and is limited to the power level of the electromagnetic waves generated by the device (a certain threshold must be respected), so their presence alone does not count.

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The Radio Equipment Directive covers all radio equipment and telecommunication terminals intended for connection to telecommunication networks, it is not linked to the EMC directive. You can consult the entire directive by clicking here.

The RoHS Directive indicates the presence or absence of polluting and harmful substances below the thresholds permitted by law. These limits are contained in a list that sets the tolerated limits. RoHS serves to limit the use of substances that are difficult to dispose of and potentially harmful to the environment. You can consult the entire directive by clicking here.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) applies to all electronic, electrical devices and serves to manage the disposal of products from landfill to recycling facilities. Manufacturers and importers must apply the WEEE logo to their products. You can consult the entire directive by clicking here.

In addition to this, it must be indicated in the instruction booklet or in the technical file, how to properly dispose of the equipment and provide information on its marketing. Non-EU producers must also participate in recycling activities.

The Ecodesign Directive joins the RoHS and WEEE directives with the aim of avoiding the use of polluting substances in the future production of products that do not represent a danger to the environment. In addition to this, this directive also takes into account the electrical consumption of the devices.

You can consult the entire directive by clicking here.

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Electrical equipment that must be installed in devices that must comply with other directives (for example industrial machines or medical devices) must comply with the relevant specific directives and the standards harmonized with them.

Electrical products, such as switchboards installed in buildings, are subject only to the directives listed in this article. In any case, any product powered by electricity, requires mandatory CE marking, following the relative tests carried out by the competent bodies.

What is the CE marking for?

The CE marking guarantees and informs the consumer that certain procedures have been carried out on that product, a risk analysis has been carried out and tests have been carried out before it is placed on the market. All this in order to guarantee safety for the end user.

The CE marking affixed to a product or machinery allows the free movement of the same within the European Union. The products that require CE marking are shown in a list divided by product family or by applicable directives. You can see the complete list by clicking here.

CE certificates issued by a notified body do not replace the CE marking of electrical and electronic devices. Complete documentation relating to the individual device in question should always be requested from the factory or supplier, including the tests carried out on the product and the related reports.

Importare dalla Cina marcatura CE simbolo logo proporzioni
Image Credits: Proportion requirements for CE Marking logo. Photo: Wikipedia

A non-EU manufacturer cannot carry out the CE marking alone, even if the products comply with the laws. It must always rely on European bodies, which will carry out the tests and certify the conformity of its devices.

The more dangerous the product can be for the end user (eg products with built-in batteries such as bluetooth headsets and power banks) the more meticulous the procedures for the CE must be. This will affect the selling price of the products, so pay attention to the documentation provided by the factory or supplier.

How to import CE marked products from China

Importing from China requires organization and skills to avoid both buying goods that do not comply with the regulations in force in the European market and unpleasant surprises at customs.

Relying on on-site facilities is essential to be able to verify the reliability of factories and suppliers, check if the certifications, like the CE marking, are authentic and if the products can be legally sold in Europe.

Tools like Noziroh Hub are the key to importing products from China and managing production processes successfully. With a single reference it is possible to manage all the procurement phases, from the research of the supplier to the production, from the certification to the storage of the goods and the shipment from China.

Their team of experts also follows customers in the delicate stages of importing and customs clearance of goods, communicating in Italian. The company is located in Italy and has a branch in China from which they can store goods from suppliers, check them and then ship them to the customer in one time only.

Author: Alessandro Ave

Import from China stress free with Noziroh Hub

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