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Noziroh Hub is a complex services package. We have collected in this page the most frequently questions asked by our customers.

1. What is Noziroh Hub in a nutshell?

Noziroh Hub is an useful tool for any company that wants to manage its business in Asia and / or Europe (for import and export). We offer a space in our branch in China and / or Italy with all the related services, in order to import / export the goods in total safety, making your business grow and saving time, money, training, unexpected events.

2. Who is the Noziroh Hub service package for?

We are working with companies from various sectors and sizes, we report below concrete examples (we do not mention the names for privacy reasons):

- The family-owned electronics store *** had to close during the lockdown (March 2020). Meanwhile, *** tried to sell online in major marketplaces, but was not competitive due to the prices offered by its regular supplier. They never considered importing from China, having no experience, but now with a small investment they are able to buy the same products and be competitive on the online market.

- The company *** buys semi-finished products and then finishes them in Italy, but their supplier has raised their prices. Working together, we found a factory in China capable of producing the semi-finished product they requested with the same specifications and details. Now *** can therefore evaluate a wider range of articles.

- The startup *** has decided to create a brand and a dedicated products line. We looked for suppliers who accepted the targets requested by them, following them in the design of the product and in the production of packaging, advertising material (slips, labels, brochures) and packaging.

- *** is a distributor of household products, had its trusted suppliers and an agent in China who was in charge of negotiating purchases and shipping the goods to the warehouse in Mexico. During the lockdown, *** ran into major supply problems as his agent went missing. *** contacted us and we were able in a short time to restore relations with its suppliers, thus saving their business. Now he works with us, we stock his products, check them and send them to him.

In conclusion, companies of any product category may find this package of services useful (except the food sector).

3. Which product category can you search and supply?

We can search and supply any kind of product category, except food and beverages.

4. Who will communicate and negotiate with suppliers, factories and shippers?

We will communicate for you, because we know the language, the culture and we have privileged relationships with many companies cultivated during the years.

5. Who handles the shipments? Delivery time?

We ship with major international carriers and support the importation of goods.

From when the goods leave our warehouse, it will take 5 to 10 working days to arrive at their destination if sent by express courier. If the goods are sent by ship it will take 25-30 working days; by train instead 18-25 working days.

If we have to ship the customer's retail orders as a dropshipper and need cheap shipping, we can use international registered mail. In this case, delivery times are 20 working days.

6. Does Customer import the goods from China?

Yes, the customer is the importer and will be followed by us for all the necessary steps.

If the company asks to ship the goods from our warehouse to its end customer (dropshipping-dropshipper service), the end customer will be the importer.

If the customer subscribed also for Hub Europe, we can also manage the goods import for him.

7. How long does it take to provide a quotation from suppliers?

We usually take 24/48 hours to send a quote. It may take longer time if the products require special processing, customization or there are a lot of products in the customer's sourcing list.

8. Do you increase the price of the goods to take supply profit?

No, we work differently and for transparency we explain you how.

1. We find the factory that produces the item that our customer requested (if the quantities are small, we usually contact a reseller).

2. We negotiate with the company the best purchasing conditions, respecting the customer's requests.

3. The factory will not have to manage the risks and practices for an international shipment, as it will send the goods to our warehouse in China - this is an easy sale for them. Adding the fact that we will pay them in RMB, a more stable currency than the USD, we would get a lower price.

4. We show the quote to the customer and, once he has confirmed, we conclude the transaction by paying the company in RMB, a more stable currency than the dollar.

5. In this way, we can get a price from 5 to 15% lower than the market price. In some cases we go up to 20%, it depends if the factory has products in stock or is renewing the catalog.

6. After we have agreed with the factory and told them what we do, we put it on a list of preferred suppliers. They will be contacted in case of future requests relating to categories of products supplied by them. The collaboration stipulated allows us to obtain a bonus for every order we place with this company, this is our profit.

9. How does the warranty of the goods work?

The warranty on the goods is standard for every kind of product. The supplier always offers a 12 month warranty on all products; customized and tailor made products are excluded. Only manufacturing defects are covered by the warranty, not damage caused by third parties. The return costs are charged to the customer.

10. For companies that want to create one or more products with their own brand, what services do you offer?

Years of experience and exclusive business relationships allow us to offer customers a wide range of solutions at very flexible terms, no need to invest big amount of money. We provide our skills and resources to create products, packaging, advertising material and gadgets with your own brand.

11. If the customer already works with Chinese suppliers or agents, can he continue to buy from them and use Noziroh Hub's services at the same time?

Yes, you can work with your supplier or agent to keep the goods in our warehouse or use other services included in your subscription.

12. Can you ship our goods from your warehouse to our end customer? Even just one piece?

Yes, we can store your goods in our warehouse in China and then, after receiving the necessary information, we can ship even one item to your end customer (by registered mail or courier, according to your requests).

13. Can we store goods from multiple suppliers in your warehouse and then ship them all together?

Yes, our warehouse is a logistics hub also. We can collect the goods from multiple suppliers, check and ship them in one time. This will save you a lot of money.

14. If we have to ship the goods to a warehouse not managed by us (for example Amazon FBA), is it possible to prepare the items already packed and labeled individually?

Yes, we can prepare the packed and labeled goods individually, according to the customer's requests.

15. What kind of services do you provide to export products in China?

In addition to the services listed in the plans description, we can help you to position your brand in China, South East Asia and sell your products there, here's how:

- We create and manage accounts in Chinese social networks and online stores in the main local marketplaces.

- We carry out marketing operations (advertising, newsletters, collaborations with bloggers and influencers in China).

- We create packaging, instructions, advertising content and gadgets translated into Chinese.

- If your products are stored in our warehouse, we can ship the Chinese online stores orders and manage the customer care (returns, disputes, complaints).

16. What payment methods do you accept for the purchase of goods and services?

The subscription (including renewals) is paid via PayPal, using the plans form. The supplies of goods and services are paid for by bank transfer or Alipay. All payments must be made 100% in advance.

17. Do you make an invoice for the supply of goods and services?

After we receive the payments for goods and / or services, we will make the invoice.

18. What is the minimum period of the subscription?

At the first registration it is possible to select 1, 3 or 12 months of subscription (the annual one provides a 10% discount on the total). Once expired, you can only choose the 3 or 12 month format.

19. What happens if the goods customer, even for a short period, take more cubic meters than the paid subscription?

We always check before accepting goods in our warehouse if the volume paid by the customer is enough to storage it. Otherwise, we communicate to the customer the necessary cubic meters to take for contain the items and we charge them.

The customer must always pay the excess cubic meters before the goods are received in our warehouse. The cubic meters purchased for surplus have a duration of only one month, and are independent from the basic quarterly and annual subscription.

20. In case of excess volume with the stored goods, do the cubic meters to be purchased have a different price than the plan subscribed?

Up to 10 cubic meters, the cost of the excess volume has the same cost as the subscribed plan (Light, Pro, Elite). This is because the cubic meter is the only quantifiable unit of all the services provided (more cubic meters implies more work, more quality control, more time to prepare the goods and much more).

The difference between the plans offered is the quality of assistance, which we must guarantee on every cubic meter purchased by the customer.

If need more than 10 cubic meters of storage, we will make a customized quotation (based on the type of goods, monthly shipments quantity, pallets quantity and other factors).

21. If the subscription expires before the process of an order, how it will be managed?

If the order was paid before the expiry of the subscription, it will be processed according to the customer's requests. Otherwise it will be necessary to renew the subscription.

However, for management reasons, we reserve the right to ask the renew of the subscription or not everytime.

22. Can I change my plan on the next renewal?

Yes, it is possible to change plans every renewal, according to your needs. Obviously, the cost of excess inventory will change based on the type of plan selected.

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