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A wide range of services offered in one solution to B2B and B2C companies.

Market analysis and sourcing

We analyze the market and evaluate the feasibility of the projects that the customer submits to us, for import and export B2B and B2C products.


We make our skills available to guide and support the company towards the best solution.

When importing products from Asia it is difficult to find a trustable supplier. We look for the products that the customer asks for, based on his needs in terms of quantity, price and technical specifics. We will send a sourcing list that the customer must fill out with all his requests. Based on the information received, we will negotiate the best conditions of sale directly with the factories and follow the production for the customer. We usually send a quotation within 48 hours after receiving the sourcing list.

We don't earn on customer supplies by increasing prices. Once the quote is confirmed, we offer to the factory to enter in a preferential suppliers list, and they will be contacted first than others in case of inquiries to their products, for this we ask them a commission. This commission is our real income.

If the customer wants to expand his business abroad with exports, we evaluate if the market can be ideal for the selling of his products and we create a business plan about the next steps.

China/Italy warehouse

We are structured with a warehouse in China and one in Italy, both are managed directly by us.


This allows us to offer a place where we can store goods safely and from all over the world. It is the customer who decides which of the two warehouses to use, paying the subscription for one or both (using them in combo mode).

From the Chinese warehouse we manage the goods destined for the Asian market and the products that customers want to import from China. The goods are checked and stored in the customer's reserved space.

From the Italian warehouse we manage the goods destined for the European market and eventually prepare the items for export to Asia. The products, which may also come from non-EU countries, are checked and stored in the reserved space reserved for the customer.

When requested, we ship the goods to the address provided (worldwide). Our warehouse also acts as a logistic node, in fact we can collect goods from more than one supplier, saving a lot on shipping costs. In addition, as we manage logistic in China and Italy, we manage shipments for B2B and B2C orders, including to Amazon (FBA, FBM) and other logistics hubs.

For more in-depth quality checks (for example product tests) an additional fee is required, calculated on the basis of the type of verification requested and the quantity of products.

We can ship goods all over the world (by air, train, sea) and at the best conditions, thanks to long-standing partnerships with the main freight forwarders on the market.

E-commerce creation and management

We create and manage the shops in the most popular marketplaces of the area where the customer wants to sell their products (Europe, Asia or both) and based on the kind of selling, B2B and B2C.


In addition to this, we load the product sheets, keep the stores updated, take care of customer care and back office (returns, complaints, communications).

We can create and manage shop websites, based on customer needs. We take care of all the necessary steps: from the purchase of the domain, the development of the site, up to the creation of the product sheets.

If the goods are stored in our warehouses, we can ship the goods directly to the end customer, packing them in the appropriate packaging.

With Noziroh Hub Asia, we create and manage shops on Asian platforms (for example JD, Tmall, Taobao, Lazada, Shopee, JD Global, Pinduoduo, Kaola, Mogu, Wechat shop). With Noziroh Hub Europe, we create and manage shops on European platforms (for example Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount).

Marketing and private label

We create and manage marketing campaigns, advertisings and collaborations with influencers, blogs, newspapers of the local market.


To position brands on a new market it is essential to create their image digitally and invest in advertising.

We choose the kind of communication based on the customer requests, even is retail (B2C) or wholesale (B2B) selling.

If requested, we open social profiles and manage them on behalf of the brand, periodically publishing posts and creating content.

Another important aspect is the packaging and any content that will be placed alongside the product for sale. We design and create customized packaging, instructions and advertising material (coupons, deplaints, gadgets, etc.) translated into the language of the country on which the company wants to focus.

This material can be stored in the Italy or China warehouse (based on the subscription signed) and if requested we can prepare the products already packaged, labeled, ready for sale.

With Noziroh Hub Asia, we plan and manage social media marketing for the Asian market. With Noziroh Hub Europe, we plan and manage social media marketing for the European market.

Communications in English

We send communications and provide assistance in English.


In this way, there will be less misunderstandings between suppliers and service providers. The main communication takes place by email and we reply within 3 working days.

Quick assistance by WhatsApp

In the Pro and Élite plans, it is possible to communicate via WhatsApp instant messaging application.


The advantage is that we can respond to customer requests within 48 hours (2 working days) and also ask for information necessary for carrying out the activity. This will greatly facilitate the work and allow you to better follow the processes.

Once the subscription has been subscribed, the customer will be asked to communicate the telephone number chosen for the quick assistance configuration. You can only choose a telephone contact and you can change it in the future.

Customized monthly advice

Customers who have subscribed to the Pro or Élite plan have a 30-minute video call per month with a consultant.


Thanks to the advice of an expert, it will be possible to develop, compare and plan projects related to the current activity.

The video call is made through Zoom platform and can also include more than 2 people (in case the customer wants to introduce a member, a partner, a manager, etc.).

Personal account manager

This service is only available on the Élite plan. The client will be assigned a person as a single point of reference for all his activities.


The advantage of the account manager is to reduce communication time (reply within 24 hours via email or chat) and to have a single person able to monitor all customer's business processes.

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