5 social media profiles for your marketing strategy in China 2022


In China it is unthinkable to hope to achieve success and conquer the market without a proper social media strategy that allows you to do brand positioning, promotion and be discovered by your customers.

It is an extremely large and complex market, so it is necessary to build a strategy that includes multiple platforms, in this way it is easier to reach the right audience, engage and get conversions.

Let's see what are the social platforms that can be most useful and suitable for your strategy and most of all the reasons why.

WeChat: the Chinese social media network for marketing and customer care

This social network designed by Tencent is also known as the super App that a Chinese can access and do everything they need: pay bills, a plane ticket followed by check-in, pay the bill at the restaurant, go shopping, chat with friends, share their thoughts as in Facebook moments.

For brands it can be an important and interesting point to build their customer care, thanks to plug-in for inserting automatic chatbots.

Cina social Marketing Wechat

In fact, it is possible to use this platform like a newsletter to communicate itself and related events, through an Official Account it is possible to send messages to users and keep them available in the chat with all their other personal contacts.

Like all social media it is not perfect, it develops mainly like a one-to-one communication space and not one to many, this generates difficulties for brands.

To be more attractive for companies WeChat is trying to integrate its system with more open aspects of classic social such as the new moments visible to everyone and not only by friends and the channels that are used to compete with Douyin/Tik-Tok.

Douyin: the social media for your video marketing in China

From 2020, short videos and live streaming are making the difference and detaching all other ways of experiencing social media in China. The platform that most differs from this is the one belonging to Bytedance or Douyin.

This platform owes its success to its "For you" function linked to an algorithm defined as magical in the way of interpreting user actions and knowing how to reproduce videos that keep you glued to viewing.

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Even in the west countries Tik-Tok is not perceived as a space for official and corporate narratives, in China it is different, complex and articulated digital environment where different types of content find space, not generated by the youngest users but by all ages and also many companies.

The big difference that distinguishes Douyin from his western son Tik-Tok is that he has a TV channel, on which it is possible to direct and upload much longer videos and then connect them directly to an e-commerce link.

Surely with the opening of the Bytedance payment system, the ecosystem will be increasingly social-commerce and always closed to external interactions.

Weibo 微 博: great social for your Adv marketing in China

Weibo is certainly the oldest social media of all, in fact its foundation dates back to 2009. It is defined by similarity to various Western social media, some comparing it to Twitter and some to Facebook.

The truth is that like them there are many other social media sites that involve sharing content from one to many in a completely open way and in different forms: videos, images or simple text.

Cina Social Marketing Weibo

As often happens, there is a distinction between private and public profiles, only unlike Western social networks, here to have an official profile you need to pay a fee of $ 1000.

This is currently among the most effective and interesting social networks to address a younger audience. Thanks to the fact that it has been acquired by Alibaba, one can easily share their stores and products for sale on Taobao and TMall.

It is also the one most loved by companies because it has the most developed and avant-garde paid advertising system of content, therefore, among all platforms, giving the best results at the same cost.

小红 书 RED: the social media for Chinese women

This is a unique social media, born as a platform dedicated to sharing images. Today it is a real female kingdom, which represents more than 80% of the entire audience of the platform. It has its own store and e-commerce system that businesses can access to sell their products.

In terms of content, this platform is mainly dedicated to lifestyle, food, fashion, home and travel and in general everything that mainly involves a female audience, so if you have to think about a strategy for the promotion and positioning of sanitary pads, you will certainly have to consider this platform.

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Interestingly, the female audience mainly present comes from the lower-end cities, ie those in the suburbs.

Toutiao: the social network for your informational marketing in China

It is one of the most used and famous social media in China, it allows the sharing of any type of content from text, to videos, to images, up to the creation of a Q&A section managed by companies and users. It has a very young audience, mainly under 30, who spends more than 76 minutes a day on the App.

Also belonging to Bytedance, its contents and their presentation to users are guided by an algorithmic system based on machine learning, in this way each user is presented with extremely personalized content based on the actions previously performed with your profile.

This is one of the few social profiles that still offers great opportunities for companies to get noticed and discovered by the public because it allows you to obtain interesting terms for the growth of your profile even without sponsorships and paid promotions.

Toutiao social network brand positioning Cina

From a point of conversion for companies being a social media defined as a "third party" that is, not belonging to the Alibaba group or to Tencent, it is possible to share your products from both ecosystems.

China needs a coordinated social marketing strategy across multiple platforms

For all companies interested in making their way into the Chinese market and making themselves known, it is essential to think of a strategy that includes a strategically structured activity on one or more of these platforms.

Obviously, every choice must be measured and calculated on the basis of company characteristics and the type of public but it can certainly be a concrete real winning strategy to create one or two open social profiles such as Toutiao or Xiaohongshu to be known by the public and create brand awareness.

Then, through a WeChat profile, cultivate the guanxi or relationship with your customers with more targeted, in-depth content that can also provide help and customer support.

For this reason, relying on expert, professional or structured realities such as Noziroh Hub becomes a fundamental thing.

Author: Lucia Gentili

Export sell in China stress free with Noziroh Hub

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